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2. Getting Ready

How to get great "Getting Ready" Pictures on Your Wedding Day

Getting ready photos will take a special place in your wedding album as they show the beginning of your story on this most special of days. To make sure these pictures come out truly stunning, you will need to plan every detail and arrange your getting ready session in a manner that will allow for the taking of great shots. Our simple tips will help brides prepare for this part of the shoot.

A Bride Getting Ready at Newhall Mansion
Choosing the Right Room

The room where hairdressers and makeup artists will work their magic on you is the most important consideration for a getting ready shoot. You will need to keep this in mind when looking for the perfect wedding venue.

The most important consideration for a photographer is the lighting. Therefore, you should search for a venue that will provide you with a room that has plenty of natural light during the time of the day when the preparation will take place. Don’t forget that natural light changes depending on the season. If you book a venue 6 months in advance and the getting ready room is perfect at this time, it may not be this way on the day of your wedding.

Take your photographer to see the venue at least a couple of weeks in advance. The professional will plan the shoot and look for interesting angles and backgrounds in order to ensure that when the time comes for you to get ready, everything will go smoothly and your preparations won’t be interrupted.

A Bridal Party Getting Ready At Newhall Mansion

Getting Ready Photo Tips

Great lighting and a spacey room aren’t the only things that matter for making gorgeous getting ready pictures. The following tips will help you ensure this shoot turns out perfect:

  • Get your hair done before your makeup.
    Photographers can take amazing shots of an artist applying your makeup but the work of a hairstylist doesn’t look that great on camera. Therefore, it’s best to get your hairdo out of the way first and invite a photographer after it’s done.

  • Get all the details in one place.
    Decide which details you want to get photographed and collect them in one place for the photographer to work with the objects while you are getting ready. Ask one of your bridesmaids to put your dress on a hanger and take it to the photographer as dress shots are some of the most important during the details session.

  • Wear something nice.
    A bride will need to wear something comfortable before she puts on her gorgeous dress. Choosing original or matching outfits for the bride and bridesmaids can make the getting ready photos more interesting. Cute PJ’s with custom prints or matching robes are great options to consider,

More tips for great bridal prep photos

  • Keep the room uncluttered.
    Don’t allow your getting ready room to turn into a storage. Keeping it as uncluttered as possible is essential if you want to get great photos.
  • Allow only the closest friends and relatives into the room.
    With a makeup artist, hairdresser, photo crew, bridesmaids, and closest family, the room will be overcrowded by default. Have a talk with your wedding party in advance to make sure that people stay away from the room to allow for pictures to be taken. Add some “alone with photographers” time to your wedding timeline.
  • Don’t forget about the groom.
    The groom’s getting ready may not be as elaborate as the bride’s but it needs to be documented as well. Be sure to plan your timeline in a way that will allow the photographer to take pictures of you both before the first look session.
  • Discuss your creative ideas with your photographer.
    Do you have some special ideas or a dream you’ve had since you were little? Discuss these things with your photographer and see if you can come up with some special way to make those images live through your photo shoot. Adding some themed shots will liven up your wedding album. Another popular idea is of documenting the moment when the bride pins a boutonniere to her father’s jacket. Think of these things beforehand and communicate your wishes to your photographer so that you can be sure that the pictures live up to your dreams.
  • Relax and enjoy yourself.
    Both the bride and the groom will be quite busy during the getting ready session, and you definitely don’t need any additional stress. Therefore, it’s important to trust your photographer to take excellent real life shots without you purposefully posing for them. Of course, you will need to pose for some of the pictures, but a qualified professional will make the experience enjoyable for you.

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